What do Courtney Cox and Jay Leno have in common? Where can you find more than $250,000 in scholarships? Who provides great opportunities for travel and rewards for your academic success and workplace skills?

    The answer to all of these questions is DECA. DECA, an Association of Marketing Students, provides programs that work hand–in–hand with your school's marketing classes to provide extra outlets designed for your individual talents and interests.

    Whether your role models are celebrities, business leaders or inspirational teachers, you will find that DECA brings you closer to fulfilling your own dream of success. How does DECA do this? By providing opportunities like no other student organization in the world. Look at what DECA has for you:

    Through DECA you can build relationships with people who may play important roles in your future. Leaders from the business community participate with DECA as guest speakers, judges, advisory board members and sponsors for events. DECA opens the door for you to meet and learn from these successful professionals. You can also network with thousands of other students with similar interests. 

    DECA's multitude of competitive events at the local, state/provincial and international level give everybody the chance to excel and come away with medals, trophies or scholarships. Whether your preference is writing or speaking, working in groups or individually, concentrating on a business plan or community service, there is a chance to express yourself in a DECA competition that suits your style.

    Résumé Building
    Nothing looks better on a college application or job résumé than being able to show the kind of professional development DECA adds to your curriculum. By joining DECA, you will develop business and leadership skills through participation in conference activities and workshops. You will have been involved in community service projects and fundraisers for national causes such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association. You have exhibited your research skills and business savvy in competition with judges from the business community and may have an impressive team project to display. These skills are what academic and employment recruiters are looking for.

    DECA awards more than $250,000 in scholarships each year. The more you participate in DECA activities and competitive events, the greater your chance for one of DECA's many scholarships. Major companies such as JCPenney and Safeway show their faith in DECA members by sponsoring these scholarship opportunities as do colleges and universities such as Johnson & Wales and Northwood. 

    Work Experience
    Whether in or out of the classroom, DECA's co–curricular program helps you experience real–world business situations. In the classroom, DECA provides online business simulations as well as role–play experiences that mirror workplace scenarios. Beyond the classroom, DECA's excellent relationship with the business community makes moving into a cooperative training program or part–time position a smooth transition. 

    Civic Pride
    DECA members learn what it takes to make a difference to society. Whether it is a small project such as a DECA–sponsored community food drive or a national cause, such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, DECA members reap the personal rewards of knowing they have had a positive impact on their community and the world. 

    DECA balances career–building with times to relax and bond with other DECA members. Tours in exciting cities, team–building games, dances and other social events are rewards for all of the effort that you put into securing a bright future through DECA.

    Let DECA give you the tools you need for a rewarding experience at your high school and beyond. To find out more about DECA see your DECA advisor or visit www.deca.org.