• Start of the Season is April 1
    Why Should You Join The Spring Track Team?

    Head coach: Coach Geiger sgeiger@laceyschools.org
    Assistant coach: Coach Zieba
    Assistant coach: Coach Bonitatis
    Assistant coach: Coach DeJohn 

    1.  You want to get faster.
    2.  You want to get stronger.
    3.  You want to go longer.

    The way the sport is broken up, there is an event for everybody.  You've got speed but not endurance?  Sprint.  You've got endurance but not speed?  Distance.  A blend of the two?  Mid-distance.  You're strong?  Throw.   You can also jump, hurdle, whatever.  

    The big thing is you get to compete and improve each and every day.  Whether you're new to athletics or a veteran, whether this is your sport or you're getting ready for your sport in another season, everyone is capable of challenging themselves and can watch their abilities improve through times, heights, and distances achieved. 

    Start your path to being a better athlete today!