• Stephen J. Decker
    Lacey Township School District
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

    609-971-2000 1003


    Prior to joining the Lacey township school district, Steve has held various positions during the past 28 years in education. His experience includes serving as a Music Therapist for disabled students, Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, and Director of district community programs. Steve’s background in curriculum and instruction includes experience in K – 12 as well as working with teachers to develop and implement multiple instructional approaches to increase student achievement.

    In addition to academics, Steve has studied and created secondary and elementary school crisis response plans. After organizing a 911 supply relief program and being escorted by the New Jersey State Police through the Holland Tunnel to deliver three truckloads of materials for ground zero workers, Steve has focused on preparing schools for such tragic events. He has also participated in counter terrorism symposiums, school crisis response planning, and comprehensive table top discussions reviewing mitigation, response, and recovery on school crisis. He has presented at National conferences on both crisis response and technology.  Also Board Certified in School Crisis Response, Steve is committed to helping school districts create plans that are comprehensive and responsive in addressing the needs of those affected by traumatic experiences.

    Steve also is a former producer and host of "Educational Insights" a program that promoted and enhanced educational methods and practices within the educational community. Steve's Doctoral research on neurodevelopmental scaffolding and its effects on efficacious behavior, teacher leadership, and instructional strategy preferences of struggling learners by brain gender increased topics and discussions for the educational insights program. Guest interviews included Charlotte Danielson, Todd Whitaker, Rick Wormeli, and Lisa Carter. Topics encompassed Curriculum, Instruction, student assessment, grading, standards based report cards, evaluation systems, teacher practices, and Response to Intervention methods. Steve also received the N.J. Technologist of the year, awarded by NJAET for his work creating and editing a character education video show using several recording and editing computer programs.

    As a former in-demand musician, Steve has many years of experience performing for a diverse group of celebrities from Jon Bon Jovi to Lou Dobbs, as well as entertaining multi-million-dollar art openings in the upscale SoHo district of Manhattan. Steve's experience working with a wide range of personalities add depth to his approach with staff, students, parents and the community at large.