• Lanoka Harbor Elementary School

    LHS 1984

     Lanoka Harbor Elementary School opened its doors for the first day of school on September 3, 1969.  Mr. David Elliot was very proud to be the first principal here, after having served as principal at the Forked River Elementary School.  He was followed by Ms. Maryann Way, Mrs. Rosemarie Bond, and Mr. Jeffrey Brewer, LHS’s current principal.  As we all know, serving with every great principal is an invaluable supervisor.  Our supervisors have been Mrs. Elaine Corino, Mrs. Patricia Schmidt, Mrs. Rosemarie Bond, Mrs. Marisol Berrios, Ms. Ann Taylor, Mrs. Mary DeFilippis, and currently Theresa Kilmurray.  All of these outstanding leaders have helped make LHS the wonderful learning community it is today. 

    Our school is proud of its long history, friendly, welcoming atmosphere, can-do attitude, and strong code of conduct.  Along with these attributes, Lanoka has instituted innovative, up-to-date curriculum and instructional technology.  In addition to wired internet connectivity, the entire building has wireless (wifi) accessibility.  There is a technology lab, a six-computer station in the Library, and two rolling labs for instructional use.  Thanks to our PTO, Lanoka Harbor School received a Mac Lab in 2007, affording students the additional opportunity to learn both OS X and Windows operating systems.  Each classroom is also equipped with an interactive Promethean Board for enhanced instruction.  All of these elements combine to help students learn using 21st Century skills aligned to Common Core standards.

    Lanoka Harbor School’s motto is, “The Power is in the Pride”.  We start each day with this important message to remind ourselves how proud we are to be members of the Lanoka Harbor School and Lacey Township Family.