• Kid's Clubs

    Club Advisors

    Band: Mrs. H. Meelheim
    Chrous: Mr. Brennan
    Drama: Mrs. Newman and Mrs. Hadley
    Environmental: Mrs. Mantegna
    Intergenerational: Mrs. Hadley
    Literacy Club: Mrs. Mantegna
    Math: Mrs. Nally
    Peer Mediation Club: Mrs. DiPaolo
    Science: Mrs. Langan
    Technology: Mrs. Meelheim

    Delayed Openings
    Generally all morning clubs are canceled if we have a delayed opening for school.  We will try our best to make up any canceled meetings.  You will receive notification of the make up date from your club advisor.

    Club Schedules
    Club schedules can be found by clicking the club name, above on the left and/or listed on the club advisor's class page.