• The History of Cedar Creek Elementary School

    The history of the Cedar Creek School begins in 1989. Increasing enrollment and class sizes at the Lanoka Harbor and Forked River Schools, demonstrated the need for another elementary school. Plans were designed for a new Lacey Township School on Western Boulevard in Lanoka Harbor.

    In 1989, the Cedar Creek School was scheduled to open its doors; however, our new school building was not quite ready. With classes already formed and parents, teachers, and students notified and ready for a new school year, the Cedar Creek students and teachers were spread out between the existing two elementary schools and the middle school. In January of 1990, the new school building was ready. Teachers and administrators worked through the Holiday break, moving and unpacking during vacation. In January, we opened our doors. Mrs. Elaine Corino was the first Principal, followed by Mrs. Patricia Schmitt. Mrs. Jacqueline Ranuska, was hired as Mrs. Schmitt’s successor and is leading the Cedar Creek School with its pride and passion for learning into the twenty first century with innovation and commitment to student success.

    As Lacey continued to grow, with more and more families moving to our community, the need for an addition to the building was evident only two years after opening our doors in 1990. In 1992, the Cedar Creek School was expanded, adding more classrooms to accommodate the needs of our growing community.

    Cedar Creek has created many of its own traditions over the years, and has buried two time capsules to preserve many of the memories. However, we are always looking forward. We are moving in the right direction with innovative instructional technology of today. In addition to wired internet connectivity, the entire building has wireless (Wi-Fi) accessibility. There is a computer lab, rolling laptop and chrome book labs as well as a set of iPads for instructional use during blended learning times. Each classroom is also equipped with an interactive Promethean board for enhanced instructional opportunities.

    “We all shine with our own small light, but together we blaze like the sun!”

    Go Lions!