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    Mrs. Subokow has been a fourth grade teacher at Lanoka Harbor School over the past nineteen years. She is an energetic teacher who instills the love of learning in her classroom. Through the years, Mrs. Subokow has worked with mentors, colleagues, future teachers, and many students. She provides a safe learning environment where the children are free to take risks, learn, and ultimately grow. Mrs. Subokow graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services. Later, she graduated with a second Bachelors of Arts in the area of Elementary Education from Stockton College. Mrs. Subokow has had many opportunities to work with people of all ages, and she does a fine job of supporting independence . Mrs. Subokow is a lifelong learner. She enjoys attending workshops, attempting new teaching strategies in her classroom, and empowering children to challenge themselves. Her hope is to encourage students to think, believe, and try new things. Mrs. Subokow often can be found teaching through music, acting and kinesthetic exercises. Mrs. Subokow has been a resident of Lacey Township for the past sixteen years. She has two children who are attending the Lacey Schools, and, she is quite pleased with their academic progress. Mrs. Subokow is proud of the wonderful programs, schools and opportunities that lie in her children's future. You can reach her at bsubokow@laceyschools.org, or by phone at 609-971-2090.




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