• Mr. Sampieri

    Hello, my name is Mr. Sampieri. I grew up in Lacey Township, and I have been involved in many of the outstanding clubs, athletics, and other programs that your children are involved in. If they are not involved in these activities, I encourage your children to take advantage of them! Some of my fondest memories growing up in this remarkable town involve these very programs. I was raised in a military family and have many family members still serving this great nation. I am influenced by many of the same values the military instilled in my family members. I would like to think that these great values make me a better educator today.

    I attended college at Coastal Carolina University, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I returned to New Jersey and started my teaching career at Lacey Township Middle School with a long- term substitute position in Physical Education. I was fortunate enough to acquire a full-time job teaching at Lakehurst Elementary School, serving as a BSI teacher in the subject area of Math and English. Thankfully a Science teaching position became available in Lacey Township Middle School. I interviewed for the position and I am proud to have received the position teaching Science & Physical Education in the very school district where I grew up. I now teach along side some of the same outstanding teachers and administrators that influenced me as a young adult, growing up in Lacey. I am thrilled to be teaching Science & Physical Education to your child this year.


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