• Seventh Grade Social Studies Curriculum

    For parents and guardians:



    This program begins with an overview of the major principles, ideals and philosophies of the US Constitution, the federal government, and the rights and responsibilities for developing good citizenship and participation.  The study will then chronologically combine the social, political and economic isssues faced by our nation from the Federalist Era of Washington and Adams through the Civil War, along with the period of Reconstruction. The goal is to have students develop an understanding of our complex, diverse, uniquely American heritage. The 7th grade curriculum facilitates critical thinking and reasoning by equipping students with ample opportunities for speaking, reading non-fiction and informational text, writing persuasive and expository essays, and analyzing primary source documents. Lastly, students will discuss and research current events to help them understand timely, relevant issues concerning their state, country and the world, and their implications for the future.