• reconstruction

    Study Guide Chapter 17 - Reconstruction

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    Section 1:  Reconstruction Plans pages 518-521

    1. What was the period of rebuilding in the South after the Civil War called?

    2. Name and explain Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan.


    1. What was the name of the rival plan to Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan?  What did that plan call for?


    1. Who assassinated Lincoln?  Where did it happen?


    1. What is amnesty?


    1. What does the word radical mean?


    1. Who was the leading Radical Republican in Congress?


    1. What did the Thirteenth Amendment declare?


    1. What was the purpose of the Freedmen’s Bureau?

    10.Name the Southern senator that supported the Union and later became Lincoln’s VP.

    Section 2 - Radicals in Control:  pages 522-527

    1. Which amendment grants full citizenship to all Americans born in the US?


    1. Which amendment states no state could take away a citizen’s life, liberty and property without due process of law?


    1. What did the Tenure of Office Act prohibit?


    1. Who was the Secretary of War removed by President Johnson?


    1. What happened after Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act?


    1. Which president won the 1868 election, winning the votes of most African Americans in the South?


    1. What is an override?


    1. What does impeach mean?


    1. What were the black codes?

    Section 3 - The South During Reconstruction:  pages 528-531

    1. What name was given to Northerners who supported Republicans and moved to the South during Reconstruction?


    1. What secret society often intimidated and even killed African-Americans in the South?


    1. What was the most common form of farm work for freedmen?


    1. Name the first African-American senator.


    1. What is another name for scoundrel in the South?

    Section 4 - Change In the South:  pages 534-540

    1. Which act changed the political balance in the South by restoring full rights to people who ultimately supported the Democrats?


    1. How was the controversial election of 1876 settled?


    1. Which president officially ended Reconstruction?


    1. Which political party gained most of the political power in the South after Reconstruction?


    1. What politician was known as a “champion of political reform?”