• free and slave states

    Study Guide Chapter 15 - Toward Civil War

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    Section 1:  449-451

    1. Why was admitting Missouri as a state such a problem for Congress?

    2. What was Henry Clay’s compromise in 1820 known as?

    3. Explain what the 36-30 line is in relation to this compromise.  Be sure to name the parts of this compromise.

    4. What was the Wilmot Proviso? Which party endorsed it?

    5. Which political party did opponents of slavery form in 1848?

    6. Who proposed the Compromise of 1850?

    7. List the parts of the Compromise of 1850.

    Section 2 – pages 453-455

    8. What is popular sovereignty?  Who suggested it in the new territories?

    9. Explain fully the Fugitive Slave Act.

    10. Name the method of resistance people in the North used in disobeying the Fugitive Slave Act.   Give specific examples of resistance.

    11. Who were the “Border Ruffians”?

    12. In which territory was there bloodshed in a civil war against slavery?

    13. Who vowed to “strike terror in the hearts “ of pro-slavery people?

    14. Who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act and what did it say?

    15. Describe how violence between pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups even erupted in the Senate.

    Section 3:  pages 457-461

    16. What new political party was formed in the 1850’s?

    17. The Democratic Party appealed to which region of the nation?

    18. Which political party was anti-immigrant?

    19. Why did Buchanan win the election of 1856?

    20. Explain the  divisive Supreme Court case known as the Dred Scott case, what was the  decision and what  did it mean for the country?

    21. In 1858, Lincoln gained national attention while running to which political office in which state?

    22. What was the main topic of discussion in the Lincoln-Douglass debates?

    23. What was the Freeport Doctrine?  Who proposed it?

    25. What is meant by secession?  How did Southerners feel about secession?

    26. Discuss the details surrounding John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.  Explain the differing reactions of Northerners and Southerners.

    Section 4: page 463-466

    27. What was the Republican platform in the election of 1860?

    28. What was the name of the nation formed by the seceding states, who was chosen as president, and which state seceded first?

    29. What was the theory of “states’ rights” in support of secession?

    30. Who were the presidential candidates in 1860 and what parties did they belong to?  Which region supported them?

    31. Name the Kentucky senator that tried to save the Union with a last-minute compromise.

    32. What was President Lincoln’s attitude towards seceding states as expressed in his Inaugural address?

    33. How and where did the Civil War begin?