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    Study Guide Chapter 14 - The Age of Reform 1820-1860

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     Section 1 - Social Reform - pages 418-421

    1.What is a community based on a vision of a perfect society known as?

    1. What was the Second Great Awakening?


    1. What movement called for drinking little or no alcohol?


    1. What groups of people did Dorothea Dix encouraged others to help?


    1. Name the Massachusetts lawyer that was a leader in educational reform.

    2. Which of the reformers developed a method to help the deaf and hearing impaired?


    7. Identify the novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe about slavery.


    Section 2 - The Abolitionists - pages 424-431

    1. Who was the first white abolitionist to call for the “immediate and complete emancipation” of enslaved people?  What was the name his newspaper?


    1. What is the unusual story about the Grimke sisters?


    1. Define abolition.


    11.What was the American Colonization Society and was it successful in ending slavery?


    12.Who is the former female slave who attracted huge crowds to hear her eloquent speeches?


    13.Who was the most widely known African-American abolitionist who purchased his freedom from the slaveholder he had fled?

    14.What was the purpose of the Underground Railroad?

    1. Who was the most famous “conductor” of the Underground Railroad?


    1. Which abolitionist was shot and killed by angry whites while escaping his burning newspaper office?


    1. What were some problems African-Americans faced living in the North?


    Section 3 - The Women’s Movement - pages 434-438

    1. Women fighting to end slavery recognized their own oppression and led what movement?


    1. Where was the first convention of this movement held? (city and state)


    1. What was the most controversial issue discussed at this convention?


    1. What was the first state to grant women the right to vote?


    1. Name the women that had graduated first in her class and was turned down for admission into medical school?