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    Study Guide Chapter 9 - The Jeffersonian Era


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    Section 1 - The Republicans Take Power, pages 276-279

    1.How was the tie election of 1800 decided?

    1. Who tried to bridge the gap between the Federalists and Republicans during his inaugural address?

    2. What does laissez-faire mean and who was in favor of this belief?


    1. Name Adams’ secretary of state who went on to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court


    1. What is judicial review?

    2. Name the court case that established the principle of judicial review.


    Section 2 - The  Louisiana Purchase, pages 280-285

    1. Who led a slave revolt in Haiti, which caused the French leader, Napoleon to give up his empire in the Western Hemisphere (the Americas)?


    1. Which country did we buy Louisiana Territory from and how much did we pay for it?


    1. How did Jefferson constitutionally justify the purchase of Louisiana territory?


    1. Name the two people that led the expedition of Louisiana Territory.


    1. What was the water route to Asia that the expedition was directed to look for?


    1. Name the major trading post in Louisiana Territory that was vital to the US economy.

    2. Who was the Shoshone woman that helped the expedition as a guide and assisted them across the Rocky Mountains?


    1. Who was the explorer who led an expedition across the Plains and into Texas and Mexico?


    1. What founding father was killed in 1804 during a duel with Aaron Burr?

    Section 3 - A Time of Conflict, pages 286-293

    1. What demands did Barbary Coast pirates place on American ships in the Mediterranean Sea?


    1. Why did the US go to war with Tripoli?


    1. Who was the US naval hero in the war with Tripoli?


    1. What are neutral rights?


    1. Explain the Embargo Act.  Why was it a failure?


    1. Who was the leader for the Native American Confederacy?


    1. Name the Indiana territory governor that defeated Native Americans at the Battle of Tippecanoe.


    1. Who were the two War Hawks that pushed for war with Great Britain?


    1. Why did the US go to war with Great Britain in 1812?


    Section 3 - The War of 1812, pages 294-298

    1. Who was the naval hero for the US  at Lake Erie?


    1. Who was the influential Native American leader was killed at the Battle of the Thames?


    1. Which US city was burned by the British during the War of 1812?


    1. Under what circumstances and where did Francis Scott Key write The Star Spangled Banner?


    1. What was the treaty that ended the War of 1812?


    1. What did the treaty change?

    2. Who was the war hero of the Battle of New Orleans and would go on to become a future president?


    1. How did Americans feel after the War of 1812?