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    Study Guide Chapter 8 - The Federalist Era


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     Chapter 8, The Federalist Era,  Reading and Study Guide

     Section 1, The First President, pages 252-257

    1. What departments and offices did Congress set up in the executive department? Whom did Washington pick to fill these roles? 

                                       Department:                                            Secretary chosen:





    1. What department handles relations with other nations?

    2. What department handles the country’s finances?

    3. What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 establish?

    4. What did the Bill of Rights limit and what did it protect?

    5. What is national debt?

    6. What was Hamilton’s plan regarding the national debt?

    7. What compromise did Hamilton offer in order to get approval for his plan?

    8. What is a tariff? Why did Hamilton propose a tariff?

    Section 2, Early Challenges - pages 261-263

    1. Where and why did the Whiskey Rebellion take place?

    2. What did Washington’s actions in the Whiskey Rebellion signify to the nation?

    3. Explain what happened at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

    4. What were the terms of the Treaty of Greenville?

    5. Name the French diplomat who tried to recruit Americans to attack British ships.

    6. What is impressment?

    7. What were the terms of Jay’s Treaty with the British?  What issue was not resolved?

    8. How did Americans respond to Jay’s Treaty?

    9. Which country did we sign Pinckney's Treaty with? What did it say?

    10. What did Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality say?  What two things did it bar?(prohibit)

    11. What three issues did Washington speak about in his farewell address?


    Section 3, The First Political Parties - Pages 265-270

    1. How did Washington feel about political parties?

    2. Define partisan.

    3. Which two cabinet members of Washington were always disagreeing with one another?

    4. Define caucus.

    5. What were the first two political parties and who supported each of these parties?

    6. What were the Federalists beliefs about a National Bank?

    7. Which candidate and which political party won the election of 1796? Who was VP?

    8. Give the causes and effects of the XYZ Affair.

    9. Which act allowed the president to deport or imprison aliens?

    10. Which act made it a crime to criticize the government?

    11. Why were many people opposed to these acts?

    12. How did Madison and Jefferson try to legally overturn these unpopular laws?