• Vocabulary Lesson 16

    chic: stylish; fashionable.     Adjective

    disheveled: messy; untidy in personal appearence.     Adjective

    debonair: charming in a friendly but sophisticated way.     Adjective       bon--good

    dowdy: having an old fashioned appearence; shabby and out of style.      Adjective

    drab: having a faded, dull appearence.    Adjective

    garb: clothing for a particular job or occasion.    Noun     

    ostentatious: showy; ment to impress others.    Adjective     ostendare--to show

    rumple: to wrinkle or crease.      Verb

    unsightly: unpleasent to look at.    Adjective       un--not

    veneer: a thin usually decorative piece of fine material glued onto an inferior material.      Noun