• Vocabulary Lesson 13

    1.  Audible- Latin audire "to hear" - Able to be heard


    2.  Coherence- The quality of being logical, orderly, and clearly connected


    3.  Digress- Latin dis-, "apart" + gradi, "to go" - To stray from the main subject when writing or speaking


    4.  Eloquent- Persuasive and powerful in speaking or writing


    5.  Garble- To mix up or confuse so as to make unclear


    6.  Impromptu- Without preparation or dress rehearsal


    7.  Orator- Latin orare, "to speak" - A skilled public speaker


    8.  Proclaim- To announce publicly and officially


    9.  Reiterate- To say or to do again or repeatedly 


    10.  Terse- Brief and to the point