• Journal

    1.  Introduce myself - Describe yourself

    2. Fault - Two characters from Romeo and Juliet that caused R and J to kill themselves.

    3.Compare/Contrast - How is Romeo and Juliet similar to Seventh Grade? How is it different?

    4. Sell it - Create a product for Brian to sell. Be sure to include price, description, and marketability.

    5.  Right decision - Do you think it was right of Maddie and Grandfather to leave Mother?  Explain why and use text evidence.

    6.  "All Summer in a Day" continuation - What happens after the door is opened and Margot comes out?

    7.  Fear - Explain some sort of fear that you are afraid of.

    8.  "Algal Blooms" - Write a narrative based on the non-fiction piece, "Algal Blooms."  Be sure to have the include a four square and have dialogue.

    9.  Test anxiety - write a paragraph about what you do when you are anxious about a test.  How do you conquer your fear?