• Frequently asked questions about your Chromebook, Google account, our Internet filter, and privacy concerns. 

    Can the school district see what websites students are viewing during the school day with their school owned Chromebooks?
    Yes, during school hours teachers are able to monitor and view the websites their students are accessing.

    Can the school district see what websites students are viewing after school hours with their school owned Chromebooks?
    School owned Chromebooks (no matter who logs into the device) are subject to the school filtering software which monitors all websites visited.

    Is it true that your Internet filter works from anywhere? 
    Yes, if a student uses a district owned Chromebook it will go through our Internet filter. We have configured the filter to block content deemed harmful. Please keep in mind however that any system built to filter the Internet can never be 100% effective and parents should always monitor their child’s internet usage. 

    If my child is logged into his or her laceyschools.org account using a personal (family owned) device, can you see the screen?
    No, however if the family owned device is a Chromebook and the student has logged into that device with their laceyschools.org account, any tab that you opened in Chrome will go through our filtering system and will be recorded as being opened by the student using their laceyschools.org account, but the school district cannot see the screen. 

    If I mistakenly use a Chromebook or computer where my child has previously logged in, can the school district see any password or Wifi information.
    No, password and Wifi information is not viewable or recordable by any of our monitoring software. 

    When information is monitored, what exactly is being stored? 
    All traffic that goes through our Internet filter is being “logged.” This means that the web addresses are stored, not the actual content of the websites. No passwords or content to the sites are being stored anywhere except on the local machine if the student chooses to do so. 

    Why does the school district store information collected from the monitoring software? 
    The district is responsible to archive email and Google documents. Any document created or shared within the laceyschools.org domain is recorded whether or not it has been deleted. 

    How much information is typically recorded by the school district? 
    School district website traffic is between 8 to 10 million website visits every school day. We collect the URL of the site visited, the time, client identifying information such as the IP address and or username, the category of the website, and whether or not the website was blocked by our filtering software.